Establishing a Service Dog Relationship

As the service dog community changes, we are adapting to meet the complex needs presented to us.  If you currently own a dog, we will give careful consideration to its suitability as a service dog candidate; as well, we strongly encourage placements made in coordination with Missouri Puppies For Parole.  Paws & Effect has its own service dogs in-training to be utilized when we feel that is the most appropriate solution.  We believe that our most successful placements are a result of good support before, during and after being matched with a service dog.  Continued involvement in classes, recreational events and outings allows us to be a part of the relationship you develop with your service dog.  

Please email to share more about your unique circumstances, allowing us focus on how we can best support you.

Children's Handling Classes

We believe that helping children develop appropriate handling skill prior to their being matched with a service dog is critical.  Our classes are designed to reduce frustration, improve confidence and demonstrate each child's ability to successfully handle their service dog in public.  Our small class sizes, ten week sessions and experienced staff members allow for continued feedback and the development of a long term relationship with children and their families.

Contact to establish a time to observe our classes and meet in person.