Workshop Plus - Cedar Rapids

The enthusiasm and participation are tremendous in Cedar Rapids. We've once again filled the workshop to the brim with diverse interests, backgrounds and the types of animals everyone is going to evaluate. St. Luke's Hospital has fully embraced the Delta Society program and their facility fosters the use of animals at every avenue.

St. Luke's rehab unit is something that a lot of hospitals would dream to have, you'd have to see it to understand. Today's class took a field trip up to the rehab unit and experienced animal assisted therapy first hand. Diane, and her Pet Partner Wrigley, are integrated into different tasks which we take for granted. When I spoke with a client, he commented on how much he enjoyed his time with the dog. A true motivational tool.

Not to over achieve but I also broke loose from the workshop and hammered out six Pet Partner evaluations with a majority of success. Thanks to everyone who put in that extra effort and passed.

We've got another day of the workshop to go on what happens to be "Super Bowl Sunday". Now that's truly a sacrifice. We've promised to wrapp up in enough time for most to be able to get in on the pre-game show.