Winter Classic

Our 4TH ANNUAL (count 'em - 4th!!!) Winter Classic Dog Agility Trial is nearly upon us.

After 4 years of use our sand bags started to split at the seams but thanks to new technology and a large open basement I was able to dump all the contents of the bags (lots and lots of gravely sand), turn the bags inside out, wash and dry them (by hanging them on our spare shower railing), Gorilla Tape the inside seams, turn them back to right side out, double line the insides so I could fill them again with all the gravely sand. Fun! Yes, Fun-fun!

The totally amazing aspect to the whole charade is that I didn't have any left-over sand! The bags filled back up perfectly and they all weigh the exact same amount. I'll say so again, That's Amazing.

As of today we have a favorable forecast for a great day of dog trialing ... we'll see you in the ring!