What's Gabor up to these days?

Gabor has had lots of outings:

Hy-Vee, Sams, Kohl's, Michael's, Factory Card Outlet, Panera's Restaurant, Java Creek Coffee Shop, Iowa Workforce Development ECI meeting, a two hour workshop on I9 forms and E-Verifying I9 (everyone got 2 hours continuing credits....add that to his credentials), a two hour presentation on starting your own business....very boring, a walk through the fitness gym.

He also goes for two walks a day, without his Halti and does very well, and to the dog park every day the weather permits. He goes for multiple rides in the car every day and is now sharing the back seat with Allie. For about the first week he would lay down on the floor in the back seat.
Even got him to go to one specific tree in our yard to relieve himself. He got the idea the second! time I called him to the tree and gave him a treat when he was finished. This will save our small plants from turning "yellow". ;-)
He still isn't sure of drive up windows (Starbucks, McDonald's, etc.). Barks at the menu board, the money taker and coffee giver. Will work on this. He's just a bit unsure of these.