Welcome Service Dog Roo!

I can't explain why I dreamed of Roo, how she'd visit us each morning, peering in for a treat that she knew was just for her. And, as dreams do, they bring back to us the memories of a certain time and place. That time and place for our friends was difficult, and despite our hopes and wishes that things would improve, they continued to deteriorate. Love had a presence, though, packaged with four paws, a tail and those temporary bilateral scars.

Roo, in Hebrew, means friend, companion and neighbor. A more fitting name would have been impossible to achieve. To honor those memories, watching two people work through some of the most challenging circumstances they might endure, to see how much a factor love was in so many decisions, we've decided to recognize our newest dog with Roo's name.

Brad and Jen, this one's for you!