To what length?

To what length would we go to to promote the animal-human bond? Delta Society? Paws & Effect? and St Lukes wonderful program in Cedar Rapids? We would be crazy enough to actually drive our way into a winter weather advisory. Don't get me wrong but I have a love hate relationship with driving in winter weather. Seriously, I hate it when its so cold that your windshield ices up, you wipers have chunks that scrape across the ice formations making a horribly awful sound but its warm enough that its is freezing rain. Make up your mind and be snow or be ice but I don't like it both ways. The call for weather was for freezing drizzle, icing, and 1"-3" of snow. Let me tell you based on my many white fingered drives to Kansas for the holidays that it so wasn't coming down at the 1"-3" snowfall pace, 1/8 mile visibility in spots at its best. We are now punching through white out blizzard conditions. So, I think to myself, at least its not the freezing drizzle that was giving me all the angst earlier in the evening. We made it to our destination as relaxed as all of us could be. The dogs really didn't pick up on the level of intolerance and just wanted it all to be over and they wanted to frolick about in the stacks of snow flakes to the tune of 4"-6" at this time. Got a good night's rest but knew we were staying outside of Cedar Rapids in Mt Vernon (don't ask why because you will get the long winded version and you will hear that its our little vacation). The alarm clock clicked over 5 and blared out the marimba tune that I had pre-set it to alarm. Needless to say it is still snowing and we are still in a winter weather advisory. The skies opened the release hatches and dump 10" or so of the fluffy white stuff. My mornings are usually a disruption to sleep that is well deserved and we wake up to the dogs picking up where they left off just a couple hours before. They want to play. They are dogs after all and they don't have to drive themselves back over to Cedar Rapids. I ask you again. To what length would we go to to spread the fever and passion for the Pet Partner Program across the state. We did not cancel the class because those that have the interest should have our attention for the weekend. They deserve it and we love to promote it.

It is rewarding to watch a new program develop and take hold in a community that is ready for change. I can't wait to see what the next few years bring. For now, we are content to see a few workshops offered and a meet-n-greet scheduled for July. How fun it will be to catch up with friends and hear about their adventures.