They say that a dog knows.

That, when being placed, they often take immediately to their new circumstances, often working immediately for the person to whom they are assigned. I had my doubts about Gabor, especially in that I was the one placing him. He's loved me and only me from the get go. He was amenable to living with others, yet he was nuts for me, no matter what I did. I used to tease that he LOVED me and I loved him, too, but not in the bold, capital, italicized way he seemed to feel about me. Gabor was a dog that screamed bloody murder in New York about being left overnight with a friend, a dog that would leap to new heights as soon as he realized I was in the room, a dog that drove everybody at Canine Craze nuts with his squeals as soon as he heard my car in the parking lot.

Gabor also turned his back on me the day he was placed, never looking back.
They say that a dog knows. And now I've been witness to that knowledge.