The Birthday Bash

Bryan was nearly on his knees trying to catch his breath on his birthday. That was before he tired to blow the candles out.

The crowd sang happy birthday as he finished up his run.

The day kicked off right at 8:00 and went non-stop until 5:30. The courses were fast and exciting and we even got to play by the new Hoopers rules. When all was said and done it was a most excellent Birthday Bash. Who's birthday was it anyway? It was Bryan's (not going to insert the how many birthdays here) and he was greeted at the lunch break with a cupcake cake and not as many lit candles as there should have been but he caught his breath after his run to blow them all out in one fell swoop. Congratulations Bryan! We had several new faces show at the trail from what it appears, we did nearly 200 runs for a cold Saturday in January.