That hard work is paying off!

We are happy to share the photos of the children who were able to run in today's Paws & Effect Summer Sizzler NADAC dog agility trial! These children have worked hard and overcome some very significant obstacles.

For many of the children who participated today, just being in public is an achievement on its own.

You'll see from the pictures some genuine smiles coming from children who are often at odds with the world. For those of us who volunteer with Paws & Effect, capturing the children at their very best is rewarding in incomprehensible ways.

We know with assurance that two of the children have significantly shortened lifespans; several others have made such dramatic improvement it is hard to recall the difficulty with which they started their journey with us.

For just a few minutes today, we lived in the present and had the joy of experiencing the very best life has to offer. 

While those minutes are fleeting, the memories will last forever for both the children, their families and the dog handlers.

If ever we lived up to our motto, today we really did take a moment and make a difference!