Thanks to everyone.

Just what do they say about Paws & Effect dog agility trials?

"... just want to send out a BIG thank you to Paws & Effect for hosting a
wonderful trial this past weekend! As always it was a ton of fun! Thank you
to all of you guys at Paws & Effect for all the hard work you do to make it
so fun for everyone and run so smoothly!"

- Toby, Tag, Andie, & Mitzee

"My lil' girl had so much fun today that she just ran a touch-n-go (dog agilty) course in her sleep. She wagged her tail just before waking. Clean Run!"
- Eric Shumate

"Big thanks goes out to the Nelsons, and especially the trial secretary, Charlene, for holding this whole gig together! Those "day of" entries could sink any other group ... but not Paws & Effect."
- Anonymous participant

"You host a well organized and smoothly run event ... your numbers will go up."
- Jean, NADAC Judge

At the end of the day we all left with our tails waggin'.