TAG - He's it.

We picked up service dog #2. His name: Partager (which means "to share" in French.) He prefers to be called TAG. This little yellow lab loves his kennel, preferring it for sleeping and toy chewing. He slept in it all night without a peep. Literally. In fact, we drove all the way home and he didn't make a sound in an hour and a half. We are elated that we have such a great start.

After his first vets visit he checks out with flying colors. He is one of the happiest dogs I have seen. His tail incessantly whacked the side of the kennel all the way home out of sheer joy. He is a happy boy and will make someone a very nice service animal.

Remember: we have a puppy shower for Tag this Saturday at 6:00 at 2815 44th Street in Des Moines. Please join us and bring a new dog/puppy toy!