Summer Fun Run

You know that being outside is a refreshing change to those indoor facilities. We had a crowd of on lookers develop that were just passing by on the Raccoon River Park trail system. We even had a few new handlers give agility a go and had great success. Congratulations to all that gave it a shot. We are finding that the dogs are getting better at handling the great outdoors and all it has to offer. 

Part of the overall experience is getting to know what it takes to up on a fun run. One of those items is the joyous times we have picking up and returning the rental truck that carries the tons of sandbags and equipment from our storage facility to the park. We have gotten to know the rental system all together too well. We have learned that you can't rent a truck for more then a day on the first and last weekend of the month and when ever else they decide that the need more trucks for all the reservations they have. Quite the system that they have. We have learned that you must make light of the stagnantly long lines and horrible waits while the staff checks in the vehicles at the same time they are trying to prep and check out the same vehicles. At the same time they are juggling the million questions on the million phone calls that they get by those who don't know the system. We could be a support base but don't really want to provide that kind of social work to the community.

It was a good show and great times.