Show me how it's done.

After two years of working towards the goal of having a registered therapy dog, Steve and Moose accomplished the task, passing Delta Society's Pet Partner® evaluation. Steve has accomplished a lot over the last year. He's attended the Pet Partner workshop held at American Humane in Denver, developed a harmonious relationship with his dog and has an aptitude for what can happen in any environment.

We are proud of all that he has accomplished and KNOW that we are PROUD of all of the Pet Partners in Iowa who seek out the opportunity to change someone's life, even if for a moment in time.

Passing by the neutral dog. Roggen is so neutral she might actually be going backwards. (does that make her a reverse dog? - humor?!)
Out of the corner of my eye, while checking all the relevant boxes, I see Steve continuing to work his dog in the environment and around the equipment.
Lastly, "may I offer your dog a treat?"