Senior Photos

When the time rolls around and the only thing you can focus on is graduation day from high school and getting your senior photo but yet you reach out and include a very special friend in the process. Dan got a call from the Champion family a few weeks ago requesting Jesse (Dan's Pet Partner) be in Paige's senior photos. OK, so you are graduating, you are a teen ager and you want Jesse to be in the photo? Wow, what an honor that is to have the opportunity to share this momentous experience. So they set up the time for the photo shoot one weekend towards the end of August to meet out in Winterset Iowa. They set up shop and snapped the photos. It turns out that Jesse was so appreciative that she didn't know what to say but Thank You. It isn't often that you make a deep and meaningful connection but Dan and Jesse have tapped in to the hearts of many and this time it was Paige.