PSA filming complete.

Time to "Pop Smoke". A military term for wrapping it up and getting out of here.

We have completed our 4 day journey into filming PSAs for our We Serve with Honor litter of puppies.

The film crew spent the time at 5 locations setting up and shooting numerous sets.

Produce area of HyVee in Windsor Heights. Set 1 Day 2

Canned food isle of the HyVee in Windsor Heights.

Randy you and your HyVee crew were the greatest people to work with!

Blackhawk set on location at Camp Dodge. Set 3 Day 2

Thanks to the airmen and soldiers that patiently waited for us to get the set "just right".

Meet the stars of the show. The dogs! Roggen, Velo. Oh, and the soldiers worked the set like pro's.

The final shot of the day on Day 2. Set #? (Who really knows. By the time we wrapped up for the day we'd stopped counting)