Pet Partner Training Course - Des Moines

Each time I teach one of these courses I am always sensitive to fulfill everyones expectation of the course. There is so much material to cover, so much to know, so much to do that I would be nearly impossible to know if everyone gets it. 

It is a daunting amount of information to ingest and be able to turn around and evaluate with their pet partner, complete the packet, and get launched into the wonderful world of volunteering with your animal. 

Yes, I get it, ...
... there is a lot to do. 
... it seems like a huge commitment. 
... you are pouring out money to make this happen. 

Yes, I get it, and I can reassure you that it is well worth every minute, every dollar, every e-mail/phone call when you get that first smile from your client visit and knowing that you have changed their life forever. 

Seems like a bold statement but you will understand it the first time you get an opportunity to share that story with someone else and know it was you, and your pet that made it happen. It is so worth it. 

Ten motivated individuals attended this weekends session and each brought a unique angle to why they wanted to do this and what they had to offer. We might even get a Llama out of the deal if we talk really nicely to a couple of the attendees. 

We were so excited to have such an interested and involved group. 

Thanks to all that attended.