Mirroring Neurons and Situational Awareness

What do Mirroring Neurons and Situational Awareness have in common? Probably a lot more then we give them credit for.

We taught our semi-annual (or is the bi-annual) Pet Partner workshop at St Lukes in Cedar rapids last weekend. It was a full house and even had to turn way some prospective teams. It's amazing to see such interest in such a small community. They have really come out and embraced Delta Society and the standards they keep as well as Paws & Effect upholding the integrity of what a Pet Partner should be. Our attendee's got the special opportunity to see St Lukes completely revamp Rehab Therapy facility. They have so many features to the room. There are stairs and ramps at different angle and heights. They have textures to walk on like brick, tile, carpet and even a man hole cover. They even have hoisted a car up to the sixth floor. As we appeared on the sixth floor and made our way into the rehab facility we noticed that there were several of the Pet Partner teams in action. The attendee's got to see what it's like to visit first hand as well as meet and greet the Pet Parnters after their therapy sessions had ended.

We even got to see some of the most brilliantly creative out of the box thinking by Truman and Mary.

See for yourself.