Meet Gabor

I can't speak from personal experience but Gabor looks to have passed the first test. What test? His full blown temperament test with pro-tester Mateo at the helm. See for yourself.

Mateo rates on cuteness, and likability. He also puts the pups through a rigorous testing session.

The only way to really know is to "Be One" with the animals you are testing. If you become "One" with a pup or even make believe you are a pup, you will have a better understanding of who they really are and their ability to learn and adapt.

We always like to add in an Orange toy or two. If they don't take to Orange they are going to have a difficult time passing the "True Service Dog Test" thats applied when Eric gets involved.

We always like to see a playfulness with toys that aren't Orange and respect for those that are. By all means tear it up. I understand. Its not Orange!

Tagging means this pup made the initial cut and I am so please to see that orange is of value in the temperament testing.