Liberty and the Kernel.

Liberty, one of the service puppies from the military litter, got several opportunities to 'do the town' this weekend. Her performance was exemplary in every one of the public settings.

Liberty and the Kernel.
It should be no surprise that the floors of many restaurants have morsels of goodness sprinkled and spread throughout. As was the case this morning when Liberty spotted a single kernel of corn that was left over from a previous patron but Liberty did the right thing and kept her distance.

Shortly there after she was on her side dreaming of great days ahead.

After a long morning of work Liberty was rewarded to an afternoon in the backyard playing with all the pet dogs.

Now that's a dogs life.

We all know deep inside she was 'willing' that kernel to come to her but that wasn't going to work out that way. This experience shows that she's has been exposed to similar situations and her restraint proves that she's on track to be a great service dog.