Learn something every day.

Some days you learn more then others but this past weekend we hosted another Pet Partner workshop here in Des Moines I learned that we volunteer for all the right reasons.

Once again the quality versus quantity ratio was sustained for another round. What do I mean by quality versus quantity? I can define it in part by saying that getting to know the attendance of this weekends workshop are all top notch. Each time we teach we are perplexed by the numbers that aren't coming out of the wood work but we are also so pleased with those few that do. To everyone that spent the weekend with us, our hats are tipped to you in appreciation. Not many would have given up March Madness for nearly 70 slides in PowerPoint. To that, again, we appreciate your initial commitment.

If anyone else takes one of our workshops you will be asked one question. "What one thing or two could you tell us about yourself that most people don't know?" We never know what to expect of the answers we get but we learn so much from every ones honesty and without a doubt, we realize why these individuals are the cream of the crop and why they are offering themselves and their animals up for the wonderful world of volunteering.