It's feeling a lot like ...

It's feeling a lot like Halloween.

To the Living History Farm's
we head out with great speed
on this chilled and crisp October eve.

Tag the service dog was about to experience
a beggar's night treat
of which no one would believe
that he is a service dog only 15 months of age.

However, it was at the 'waving inflatable Pizza slice'
to which he caused a ruckus
we all shrugged and moved him along
down the creeky wooden planked path
you could tell that he appreciated the reprieve.

Oh, look there is a horse drawn hay rack,
we know he would enjoy.

We loaded up the pup with his service vest adorned
the wagon was off with a slight lurch forward
as we swayed back and then forth
this all happened by the voice of the driver
saying a little "giddy up".

The draft horses were really of no intrigue,
to Tag that is
look at all the flickering lights over here
and those falling and fluttering leaves over there
blazing brilliant colors orange, yellows and red.

Those are the things for which Tag couldn't get enough,
but he whispered nothing,
not even a whoof!
So, that was Tag's time at the farm.
On one thing we agree,
Living History Farm's
is a lot to take in
but it is all in an effort to set someone free,

Yes, service dog in training
in culture he does not wain.

Tag earns his keep
only then does his vest unbuckle
which makes for one super happy puppy
when the metaphorical 5' oclock bell goes beep.

Jumping for joy
and spinning with glee.
three circles to the left
and one or two to the right.
"What a fantastic time I had
what a fantastic time I had
what a fantastic time I had