I was told, in NO uncertain terms....

That SD Gabor had a place in his Sailor's heart and in his home. Specifically, that place was NOT on the furniture, especially NOT on the bed.

Now, I know full well that Gabor is loved and cared for. I knew he would be a great match for his recipient. I knew that only a dog like Gabor (strong willed, stubborn, petulant, committed, demanding....) would hold up to a man whose PTSD has had the better of him for many, many decades.

But I was told there would be limits. And the bed was THE limit. NO dogs on the bed. Of course, the evidence speaks for itself. In a message titled, "Whose bed is it anyway?" I received this photo. Seems Gabor has not only found a place in this man's heart, but has finally found a place in his bed, as well.