How Good!

Just how good can a good dog get? Having never been on a leash and collar, Tag dressed up in his Sunday best and went out for an afternoon on the town. It was time that he take the leap out of familiar home territory and training facilities. He donned his Service Puppy vest, a leash and a collar and pranced his way into the car.  He picked up on the working part of working right away. We got out of the car and headed for the the front door of the restaurant and Tag assumed his position. He pulled in tight to Nicole's stride and heeled in and around the establishment. Palmer's is cafeteria style with concrete floors and all at top volume. Clanking and banging of the pots and pans, those crazy scrapes of chairs being pushed back into place. 

Oh, the stares and rumblings that he got when he made his appearance. All heads turned, all conversations turned, and all smiled at the cute little service puppy. He performed dutifully. We all got the trays and headed to the tables. Not one jerk on the leash did he attempt to make, not a whisp of noise did he make, not at all was he any more then a very good dog. He took a position by our sides as we set down. Interestingly enough he was good enough not to beg, he simply laid down out our sides and fell asleep. What more do we need to know about a Service Puppy that is growing into his own?   He really is a good dog.