Dewey - Our first Cat (Pet Partner)

We are extremely pleased to announce this weekends evaluations we're successful.

We must toss out a HUGE BIG Thank You to St. Luke's Hospital in Cedar Rapids for graciously opening up their facility. Without their generosity we would struggle to make such great things happen in the Animal Assisted Therapy (AAA/AAT) world.

We are also SO PROUD of our newest Delta Society Evaluator. She did a spectacular job in shadowing the evaluations and even taking the lead on the scoring as the days evaluations progressed.

And for the Finale, we have our first ever cat Pet Parnter. Dewey was a treat to evaluate and can expect great things from him (remember it's always about the Pet Partner). Chris, you did a fantastic job with the evaluation.

Thanks to everyone and look forward to seeing you make a difference in someone's life.