Seneca got his first trip to Culver's. A favorite spot for frozen custard (far better then ice cream) with all the mixin's and known for the Butter Burger. How could you go wrong with that combination? He couldn't. Actually, Seneca did far better then I did. Shortly after sitting down with our drinks I promptly reached across and knocked over a large Root Beer (another one of the reasons to like Culver's). Seneca took the water fall of soda pop right on the nose and didn't bat an eye even while I was frantically tossing all the napkins on top of the ever cascading fluid and ice mixture. All's well that ends well. And his / our experience ended on the high note.

We had just finished up a presentation to a group of 4-H kids, their parents, ISU students and a few members of the community. The events turnout was far more then we expected and a tip of the hat to Adrianna of the extension office up in Ames for putting together all the marketing and rounding up a great group. The facility was far more tech savvy I am used to. There were drop down microphones, two giant projection screens, computer, video conferencing and the works. What a cool place to show the Delta and Paws & Effect show.

We spoke about who we were, our history and what Paws & Effect is doing for the community. Nicole also drove home the need for some puppy raisers. Of course there was a slide show our our programs, video of Delta society and a open forum for questions and answers. 

The kids were great. They were focused and spot on with their line of questioning. It show a real commitment and understanding that they will need to put in the time to get to a good spot. There was a lot of potential in the youth that were in the room last evening. Not to mention the adults that stepped forward to challenge themselves to the joy Animal Assisted Therapy.

Shoot after all of that why wouldn't you want to celebrate the accomplishments. 

We did and Seneca topped off the evening with a spectacular public performance.

Yeah to Paws & Effect. Yeah, to the 4-H'ers. Yeah to the parents. Yeah to the ISU students and to everyone else that believes this does put a smile on some ones face. Yeah!