Breaking News: Great success in Cedar Rapids

The much anticipated Pet Partner evaluation weekend ended with so much success we are overjoyed by the outcome. We started early Saturday morning and wrapped up by 3:30 Sunday afternoon with the majority of teams passing the evaluation are "Ready". Those teams that weren't quite ready still showed that they had most of the skills and aptitude drilled in and with a spot of polishing will be ready to go. We want to encourage both sides of the fence as we see great things coming from this group and with the St. Lukes Pet Pals program. Several hoo-rahs go out to Chris Montross for pulling the community together in support of Delta Society's Pet Partner program and unifying what could have been a divisive group. To see the 14 members that passes this weekend thrills us all to know that we can continue to change lives through the human-animal bond. Another hoo-rah to the St. Lukes foundation for supporting this brilliant effort of loving and caring. We couldn't do this without all of them.

Another story to address would be that Greyhounds really can sit even after adverse electro-shocking to keep them from sitting at the start line at the race track. Two hoo-rays go out to Kathy and Rick for stepping up and really cranking out some positive reinforcement with their Greyhound Reba. It prooves that Greyhounds really can sit and they will do it on their own. More hooooo-rays go out to the whole Cedar Rapids animal community that wants to see this succeed.