Beaverdale Fall Festival Main Stage.

Thanks to Bone-A-Patreat for inviting us to the Beaverdale Fall Festival main stage. Paws & Effect followed up some talented animals with an agility demonstration and the first real public appearance by our two service dogs in training. Kim Rhea and Sammy took to the agility equipment like it was yesterdays news. They also tossed in a couple other tricks just to show off to the cheering crowd. They especially liked it when Kim blew a kiss and Sammy caught it out of thin air. Next up was Anamaria who took Roggen for a spin around the two jumps, two tunnels and a couple other obstacles. This was all in front of a crowd of 250 - 300 people. She did her own show boating as if this wasn't her first time! The finale was the service puppies(Seneca and Tag) being handled by Ana Maria and Carmen. The service puppies did everything that was asked of them and more. The "and more" part was that this was their first time out in a public setting with a number of other animals around the staging area, plenty-o-distractions and they were so focused on what they needed to do, and did it with ease. This was a spectacular spectacle. We all had a ton of fun. Thanks again to April at Bone-A-Patreat. Helk, having emceed our part of the event I even took a crack at running through the agility course. What a hoot!