Animal Assisted Crisis Response Workshop

We didn't know what to expect when we volunteered to host the Animal Assisted Crisis Response Workshop in Des Moines. Cindy Ehlers came into town with her crew of evaluators and instructors with a blaze of glory. AACR teams have responded to numerous crisis locations including Huricane Katrina, Northern Illinios University, 9/11, Virginia Tech shootings, Parkersburg, Iowa to rattle off a few of the places they have made an enormous impact on the victims of these tragedies. The workshop was more then we could have anticipated. Every section of information, roll-play exercises and in-field opportunities provided a solid foundation for what you might experience. We have individuals travel from Kentucky, Ohio, Missouri, Kansas to be a part of this training session. There were a few key take aways that surfaced to make the second workshop even better then this first.