After eighteen months...'s awfully nice to see it come to fruition...

Congratulations to the first graduates of
"We Serve With Honor."

And ENORMOUS thanks to all the puppy raisers, dog trainers,
and other volunteers who helped make this a reality.

"Buried in Winter" ® 2010 Jeff Pianki
used with the permission of Jeff Pianki

"The grass grew in on the underside of the snow
And the summer had smelled so sweet
Now all I smell is cold.

"Your brother lived there
on the other side of the road
You still count the days,
before he makes his way back home.

"So hard to love,
when you hate to let things go.
and a dream will remind you,
you only have so much control.
though its been 2 years
it doesn't seem so long ago
cause I still see your face,
in picture frames and people I don't know.

"And I could live without you
but only if I had to
and now I have to.
So that's what I will do.

"The sun came up and melted all the snow
and the spring air smelled so sweet just like I used to know
and your brother came back in the middle of the storm
So you don't have to count on frozen fingers anymore."