A Winter Awakening

Our animals hold the secret to making an event so magically mystical. They draw out the best of anyone that will open themselves up to live the dogs life by just petting them, reading to them, or rolling around on the floor. You can not help but be taken with the power of unconditional attention. You want it, you may not know it, but they will give it to you anyway. It is a magical experience. We had the cast of Spring awakening read to the dogs one Saturday morning while their performance was playing in Des Moines. The morning was brisk. How brisk can -6º actually be? It was brisk. We gathered in the open room on the second floor of the Des Moines Civic Center in the downtown area. The dogs graciously and gloriously took center stage in greeting those in attendance. Some dogs gave more love then others but then others gave more love to the dogs. The room was filled asymetrically as there were pockets of individuals on the floor, in the corner, talking, stroking the dogs, and generally have a blast. 

The group was small and it was an intimate setting as we all sat on the floor together and gathered around in a circle to hear the children's stories. Each one select a book to read and took turns reading to the dogs as we all hung our ears on every word they spoke. Amazingly it was the first time I have been read many of these stories and only speaking for myself in this instance, I became a kid again. Nothing in the surroundings could have distracted my attention as line after line illustrated a different place and time. They took me there. It was a great feeling to be so captivated and taken-a-back by the ambience. When the books had all been read and we yearned for more but they had to really take the stage and we had to get on with our day. Wow. What a great time spent on an early Saturday morning. Only wish that more could have had the same experience.