A weekend of successes.

Its been a few weeks since the Pet Partner training course at St Lukes in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. The teams showed up in full force and everyone had put in a great deal of extra effort to be at the top of their game. This was the evaluation weekend with the handlers and their pets. This is the last big hurdle in becoming registered with Delta Society.

As many times as we can tell the teams to take a deep breath, relax and show off their skills is about as many times as I have gone into an evaluation with sweaty palms, heightened heart rate and the inability to keep it focused on the relaxation and breathing, oh, and show the evaluators that I've got control of the situation.

Can I mention that we had some fun times and lots of humor tossed into the mix. When one of the teams showed up in an Orange shirt I knew they were on to me. This team was either sucking up or was right on his mark. You see, Orange is my favorite color, so much so that I was wearing a nearly identical shirt but I did out do him when I showed off my bright Orange socks.

I can say without out a doubt that all of the teams that went through the evaluations put on a great show. Congratulations to one and to all and a huge thanks to St Lukes, the foundation, and all the volunteers who helped us pull off another absolutely successful Pet Partner weekend. Thank you.

A special thanks to Chris for the bag-o-Orange treats. You are always looking out for everyone else, your heart is three sizes larger then most and you always go out of your way to make the Pet Pals program one for all others should aspire to become.