A Theater Lovin' Dog.

Back no more then a week in Des Moines and Tag had a hankerin' for the theater. So, we took him to the Des Moines Social Club's performance of The Twelfth Labor at the Side Show Lounge!

Tag, with his regular theater behavior of "I'm-not-so-sure-this-could-be-coconuts," got a bit animated - if only a moment - when the mother of this turn of century household was takin' care of the cat! Yes, the cat killed one of the chickens and had to be takin' care of (the cat in this part was a stuffed toy animal that looked like a cat). Tag perked up during this scene but quickly recovered and went back to his "Don't Pet Me - Sleepin' " position.

Tag really does enjoy the theater shows. If you don't believe, just ask him.