The Story county extension office reached out to put together a workshop for a group of 4H-er's and Paws & Effect obliged. We tailored the material to be more kid centric while still providing the content within Delta standards. Knowing that my attention span is very short early on Saturday mornings we infused lots of experiences and stories. We also gave away dog toys, pupcicle lollipops and candy. Who wouldn't want to participate in a program like that. Might I say we didn' t need the the incentives for this group of kids and parents. They were all willing to participate and provide their insights. Now I can't speak for other groups but it seems to me that others are going to have to come up to the bar to meet the enthusiasm that our Saturday morning group had. We are looking forward to the successful evaluations (the ball is in their court now to pull off the "ready" score). A great big Thank you to Adriana for putting together a great group and keeping it completely organized and you really can't beat the 4H facility on the campus of ISU! Wow. Looking forward to seeing your group grow and share in our passion for making a difference.