2nd Class

Taught the Pet Partner workshop to the 2nd first class class at St Luke's in Cedar Rapids this weekend. The weather didn't deter those that showed for the workshop. I have to admit this was one of the best classes we have hosted. The group has had a ton of experience volunteering and brought a variety of experiences to the surface as they shared with others their working knowledge. Again we thank the St Luke's foundation that made this workshop possible for so many people. Again we thank Chris Montross for continuing to put so much passion into this program and maintaining the enthusiasm for the wonderful group of St Luke's of volunteers. Kathy Gilliand and Rick brought their Pet Partners in for a show and tell and their experience of the evaluation process. Why do they stand out? Its because they worked really hard to get their animals (a greyhound and a lab mix) to do the things they needed to pass the evaluation. First and foremost of the concerns that Kathy had was with her greyhound. It is known that rescued racing dogs have been adversly trained to not sit. Hence they do not want to sit. With some coaching and Honey Nut Cheerio's they did a fantastic job of overcoming a very bad situation. Our motto is that you will succeed and they exceeded the success motto.

We are looking forward to seeing the participants of this workshop and see them all do well at the February evaluations. Congratulations on getting through the first step in your success.